Thursday, October 15, 2009

Life is a Horror Movie

A novel that I wrote in 1999, Love is a Horror Movie. A vampire story between two dimensions.

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  1. I just viewed your fantastic interview with Carey Cassidy. You are doing great work. I'm glad to hear that Turkey is so open to UFO research. Thank you for making the connection between Christianity and the Reptilians. I needed that piece of the puzzle. I will search for more of your educational material on youtube.

    We need these varying perspectives from other cultures. I am American by way of the Azores. Recently I've read that the Iberians, Celts had Hebrew roots from the lost 10 tribes. Interestingly a river in Spain called the Ebro River (Ebro apparently means Hebrew in Hebrew). Also I've wondered about the name Jesus, which is pronounced Zhe-zoos in Portuguese, which suggests to me a connection with the name Zeus.